$500 per Student

  • FiveDays
  • Law Enforcement Only
  • Trained by Experienced Professionals



$200 per Session

  • Shooter Development
  • WeaponCare
  • TacticalDrills


Basic SWAT ( 5 Day )

***Note: You will be required to show proof of being active, reserve, or retired law enforcement prior to taking this course. No refunds. 

Using tactics developed from what Military Tier One/Spec Ops and SWAT/ERT/SRT teams consistently experience during operations, the TD Basic SWAT course will give an Officer of a tactical team a working understanding of the core skills relating to Close Quarters Battle (CQB) techniques, surgical marksmanship and operator mindset. The course will teach Officers the critical firearms skills needed to successfully be a SWAT Operator. Officers will be challenged with and held to a high standard of target discrimination and the principles of CQB.

This course is open to all Officers that conduct warrant service, fugitive apprehension, SWAT operations and drug search warrants who are in need of a good understanding of basic room clearing tactics.

The following topics will be taught in the course:

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) basics and techniques

CQB styles (free- flow, points of domination)

Types of assault (barricaded subject, hostage rescue, etc.)

SWAT operations planning


Command and control techniques

Surgical marksmanship

Shooting on the move and the set-up


Building entry techniques and mechanical breaching

Target discrimination

Weapons/kit considerations and set-up

Vehicle assaults as it pertains to Law Enforcement

Operator mindset

Training methodology

SIMS  scenarios /possible force-on-force

Ammo requirements: 500 rounds of pistol ammunition and 500 rounds of rifle ammunition per person. Round counts can be adjusted depending on availability.

Prerequisite:US Citizen Law Enforcement Officers and active duty military

Tuition Fee: $500.00 per Student.

Training schedule: Instruction starting at 8:00 am.

Individual equipment:

Duty handgun with at least 3 magazines/carbine with at least 3 magazines

Individually issued equipment ( Ballistic or protective vest with plates if issued, associated magazine/ equipment pouches)

Knee and elbow pads (optional)

Weapon cleaning kit (with oil for guns)

Rain or inclement weather gear

Eye and ear protection (clear and shaded lens are recommended)

Water/Snacks (1 hr lunch break)

Hat/Gloves (rifles will get hot)

Sun screen (non-greasy or water resistant recommended)

Optical sight for rifle (optional, but highly recommended)

Flashlight / Weapon mounted light also

Night vision goggles (if issued)

Sim Weapons and Ammo

Course includes: 50 hours of instruction and a certificate of completion.


Patrol/ Tactical Rifle Operator (2 Day)

***Note: You will be required to show proof of being active, reserve, or retired law enforcement prior to being accepted into this course. No refunds.

We are offering our one-day Tactical Rifle Operator Course.  This course instructs students on the safe management of Tactical Rifle training for Tactical, Patrol Personnel, and Civilians. Students will shoot from 7-300 yards with the majority of the training taking place from 100 yards in.

The course will address the following major topics:


Basic Marksmanship (Shooter Development)

Surgical Shooting Techniques (Rifle/Pistol)

Target Discrimination

Weapon Zero

Standard and Non-Standard Shooting Positions

Shooting Plan Development

Proper position for distance

Target Selection

Weapon Care

Tactical Drills ( Two Man Team Combat Course )

Vehicle Defense


Tuition Fee: $200.00


All normal tactical equipment including

Rifle ( AR Platform )

3 magaines and mag pouches

Eye and Ear Protection.

At least 500 Rounds for the rifle and 100 rounds pistol ( Round count can be adjusted depending on ammo availability).

Bring cold/hot weather gear as required.



Pen /Paper